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Optic United Kingdom Rates & Tariffs

Rates in the United Kingdom and to International Destinations*

Inland UK Rates:
1 pence for Inland UK calls to landline phones
5 pence for Inland UK calls to mobile phones

National Premium Rates:
5 pence for UK (inland) calls to 0870
7 pence for UK (inland) calls to 0871

International: Click here for International Rates

* PUBLIC NOTICE: At this site you will find some of the service guides, terms, conditions and rates ("Terms") governing our telecommunications service. Users of electronic Terms should note that such Terms, while an accurate electronic representation of the Terms, are not the official documents, and users assume responsibility for reliance upon Terms in electronic format. By accessing, browsing, using, framing and/or linking to this Web site ("Site"), you acknowledge and agree that you are eighteen years of age or older and have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and applicable laws and regulations. If you are unable and/or unwilling to make these acknowledgements and agreements, you must exit now. All Optic rates are per call unit. Standard plan terms and conditions and applicable tariff provisions describing pence per call unit billing are on file with regulatory commissions and are available at www.optictelecom.co.uk. For further information, contact 0800 032 3746.




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